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Affordable access
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Australia’s most vulnerable communities are missing out on critical social and economic opportunities because they don’t have affordable access to the internet. Our research and community programs aim to change this.



In order to have the greatest impact, we partner with internet service providers, social enterprise and advocacy organisations to deliver key projects that improve affordable access to the internet.

Research to inform better policy

Our research into broadband connection, affordability and digital skills helps define the ways that people in social housing value and use the internet.

Published in June 2016 and funded by the Australian Communications Consumer Action Network, it recommends measures for policy makers, internet providers, and housing authorities to increase online participation.

Connecting social housing to fast affordable internet

We have connected 2000 dwellings in social housing around Melbourne to reliable and affordable broadband plans through our Wired projects.

Wired has generated $5.9 million in benefits for residents and will continue to do so with our new partner Urban Internet.

Connecting aged care residents

Through the iPads in Aged Care program funded by Gandel Philanthropy, we have empowered residents by providing them with tablet computers, so they can connect with the outside world.

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