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Since it was launched in February 2016, Digi House has helped to build the digital skills and confidence of more than 16 000 people living in public and social housing.


Asking why it is important for someone to have digital skills is like asking why it is important for someone to learn how to read.

Being online can improve a person's financial situation, health and well-being, education, employment and connection to their community.

With a significant portion of social housing residents not having the skills or confidence to get online, Digi House aims to show that technology can be fun and easy to use.

How does it work?

Digi House delivers face-to-face learning for social housing residents, and puts a strong focus on growing the digital mentoring skills of frontline staff who work directly with them.

Working closely with our program partners, Digi House offers:

  • workshops for staff on how to create interesting digital programs and events

  • pop-up events for residents to show that the online world is fun and relevant

  • a digital map of nearby programs, classes and events

  • free digital learning guides and resources.

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We currently have more than 40 community and government partners on board with Digi House. Join our partner network and help social housing residents get comfortable with technology.

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Digi House helps people living in public and social housing get comfortable with technology, and is supported by Google.

Since it was launched in February 2016, Digi House has teamed up with over 40 community and government partners and reached more than 16 000 social housing residents.



Many people who are living in public or social housing don’t have the confidence or skills they need to use technology. But getting online doesn’t need to be scary or difficult.

Digi House aims to show that using technology can be easy and fun, and can improve your life in ways you probably never imagined.

How does it work?

We work with community and government organisations to deliver programs, events and resources to promote digital skills. Some of these include pop-up events, classes and free digital learning guides.

Learning is easier when it’s part of an activity you enjoy, so we like to introduce digital elements into things you might already do regularly. For example, using Google Search and Google Translate in a cooking class means you can find recipes and translate ingredients while learning new digital skill at the same time.

Where is Digi House available?

Digi House is beginning in New South Wales and Victoria, with the aim of expanding into Queensland and other states.

It will be rolled out in regional and metropolitan areas.

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