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Queensland's new community service directory

Last month the Queensland Government launched oneplace, an online community services directory designed to be the go-to resource for families, community members and professionals searching for support in Queensland. 

oneplace contains all the relevant information you could need for finding the right service, including opening hours, contact details, accessibility and cost. We’re thrilled to be working on this initiative with the Queensland Government.

oneplace screenshot

Credit: Queensland Government

The directory contains more than 46 000 records, listing services such as health providers, disability support services, drug and alcohol information and family and domestic violence support programs. It is underpinned by our Service Seeker database.

The second stage of the project will launch in early 2016, bringing the ability to search and view events such as workshops, seminars or parenting groups.

The third stage will allow users to share service listings with family, friends or professionals via text or social media.

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