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Meet a Youth IT Careers trainee

Athan shares his story

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Youth IT Careers is a program designed to address the skills gap within the Australian IT industry and give young people, who face significant barriers to employment, their first step towards an IT career.

As we prepare for our newest batch of Youth IT students, we thought we’d ask one of our recruits about their experiences.

Meet Athan

Athan began the Youth IT program in June 2015, and is currently completing his traineeship here at Infoxchange as an Online Support Officer.

Tell us a little about your life and situation before you joined the Youth IT program.

Well, at 24 years of age, I was a two-time university dropout and struggling to find any sort of work due to lack of experience and qualifications. Being unemployed for five years makes it hard to get into any real type of career as well.

What was the best thing you learned through the program? What were your favourite parts?

Just learning the basics about IT and the IT industry. A lot of us don’t really know the fundamentals when it comes to IT and the program gave me a really good foundation.

Was there anything that surprised you, or you weren’t expecting?

Honestly, I didn’t go into this expecting to meet such amazing people. Everyone there had a unique story and their own reasons for being there and it feels great to be able to call those former classmates my friends now.

What does your role here at Infoxchange involve?

I’m an Online Support Officer so I assist our clients in using and maintaining the applications we provide them with, amongst several other things.

Has the Youth IT program made you feel any differently about yourself?

The program really matured me. I came out feeling like an adult that’s finally on the right track. I grew a lot of confidence just from the being there.

Why would you recommend that other young people apply for Youth IT?

It’s the perfect start for anyone that feels lost and needs help getting onto the right pathway. If you have a passion, even just an interest in IT, this is a great way to start.

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