Data Catalyst Network

Breaking cycles of disadvantage through collaboration and data

The Data Catalyst Network brings people together to share knowledge and insights while building capability within the not-for-profit community sector to use and manage data to break cycles of disadvantage.

We can better use data and knowledge from the not-for-profit community sector, academia, government and business to understand where and how we can best support people to thrive.

Data Catalyst Network members

The Data Catalyst Network comprises people working with data from the not-for-profit community sector focused on education, employment and justice, housing, homelessness and out-of-home care.

They are joined by academics, government and business professionals with unique data skills and ambition to collaborate to break cycles of disadvantage using data.

Collaboration at the heart

The Data Catalyst Network aspires to create new, cross-sector partnerships between the not-for-profit community sector, government, academia and business to use data to understand better how we can break cycles of disadvantage.

The unique coming-together of data professionals alongside experts in social services, government and academia hopes to uncover new data opportunities to improve the lives of young people across Australia.

Focus areas

Everyone deserves the chance to reach their full potential in life, but with cycles of disadvantage comes barriers that often put that potential out of reach. These cycles build as one unfair life event leads to the next. By working together and sharing our data and expertise, we can better understand these cycles and create effective evidence-based methods to disrupt them for good.


Supporting children to engage and thrive at school is paramount in setting them up for success in life.


Helping young people transition from school to meaningful and sustainable employment is crucial to break cycles of disadvantage.

Youth justice

Preventing young people from contact with the justice system and helping them find a pathway into adulthood.


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