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Using Ask Izzy to find food fast

Alicia Wheatley, Senior Adviser Aboriginal Engagement and Outcomes at Department of Health and Human Services, knows how important it can be for people in crisis to find help quickly.

So when she noticed a woman looking distressed and helpless at a community food bank, she was compelled to extend a hand.

Hearing how the woman needed some meat but had arrived late at the food bank and missed out, Alicia suggested Ask Izzy might be able to help.

I sat down with her and I said, have you heard about Ask Izzy?

Ask Izzy is a mobile website that connects people with housing, a meal, health and wellbeing services, support and counselling and much more.

“I sat down with her and I said, have you heard about Ask Izzy?” says Alicia.

Alicia suggested they use Ask Izzy to do a search and find somewhere in the area – another food bank or church – where she would be able to get help.

“We got on my phone and we quickly looked up and found a place in Burwood, which was about eleven minutes from where we were. Still on the site, I called the number and spoke to a man and he said come down straight away and we’ll get you a voucher and sort you out.”

After collecting a $40 voucher and using it at a nearby grocer and butcher store, Alicia says the woman was overwhelmed with relief and happiness. Her problem had been resolved within 20 minutes.

“Ask Izzy opened a door for me because I was able to give her the assistance she needed. The directions were there, the phone number was there, it was all really easy.”

Ask Izzy to find food
Alicia Wheatley, Senior Adviser Aboriginal Engagement and Outcomes at Department of Health and Human Services

Alicia tells her colleagues to use Ask Izzy and encourage their clients to use the site when they’re not available to help straight away.

“It’s another way to empower the client to be able to have easy access to a resource where they are able to find what they are looking for. It’s a very empowering tool that they can use in private.”

Ask Izzy was developed by Infoxchange in partnership with Google, REA Group and News Corp Australia. A new project called Ask Izzy Help at Hand, funded by the NAB Foundation, aims to enhance and raise awareness of Ask Izzy for people fleeing domestic violence 

For someone who is in a crisis, the last thing they need is their mobile phone running out of charge right when they need it most. Your donation of a $15 Ask Izzy power card will give someone enough mobile charge to help them find a meal, somewhere to stay, financial assistance and much more. Donate today.

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