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Helping not-for-profits end sexual abuse

For organisations working in sensitive areas like sexual abuse, family violence and mental health, managing cases effectively and keeping client data private is critical. With so many products on the market, often organisations don’t know where to start when choosing a case management system (CMS). 

New Zealand-based STOP and its affiliates WellStop and SAFE are not-for-profit organisations working to end sexual abuse. In order to better manage their client information, the organisations needed to implement a new CMS. 

This process included needing assistance in understanding what their organisation required from CMS, as well as needing a qualified and experienced person to manage the implementation. 

Working closely with the organisations, Infoxchange provided: 

  • Evaluation and development of their CMS requirements 
  • Independent advice and quality assurance during system selection process and contract negotiations 
  • Assistance with the selection of a full-time Project Manager 

"Infoxchange assisted our consortium of NGOs in the scoping of a transformational case management system,” Don Mortensen, CEO of STOP, says.

“What could have been an overwhelming process was easy to navigate thanks to their expert advice that was accessible and easy to understand.” 

Frontline workers will now have the right tools to manage case information easily and efficiently, and provide better service to their clients. 

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