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In the seventh of a series of 12 reports, we’ve broken down the latest data on how the COVID-19 lockdown impacted the way people in Australia searched for housing and homelessness support on Ask Izzy.

We've broken down some of the latest data on how COVID-19 affected the way Australians searched for Centrelink support on Ask Izzy in our sixth report in a series of 12.

Nikki believes the Ask Izzy Product Advisory Group is important because she knows that input from those with lived experience will help the people who need Ask Izzy most.

When Alicia Wheatley, Senior Adviser Aboriginal Engagement and Outcomes at DHHS, noticed a woman looking distressed and helpless at a community food bank, she was compelled to extend a helping hand. 

We have had a bumper week here at Infoxchange, winning awards for two of our major digital inclusion projects Ask Izzy and

Sydney Homeless Connect gave us an opportunity to see just how much of an impact Ask Izzy can make in a person's life.

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull today launched Ask Izzy, an innovative new mobile website that connects people who are homeless, or at risk of homelessness, with essential services.

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