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2010 Victorian of the Year

The very celebrated award of 2010 Victorian of the Year has gone to Stephanie Alexander in acknowledgment of her remarkable public and community service.

Stephanie sowed the seeds of her now nation-wide program in 2001 with a philosophy of ‘paddock to plate’ originating in the form of a gardening and cooking curriculum at Collingwood College in Victoria. This is now known as the Kitchen Garden program and has the aim in every school it is facilitated in to provide edible, aromatic and beautiful resources for a kitchen.

Infoxchange is delighted to have been involved in creating and managing the website for the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Foundation. The website has had over 174 000 unique visitors since its’ inception. The content management system of this website enables regular content updates thereby ensuring a constant feed of fresh and exciting information about Kitchen Garden.

Infoxchange extends its’ congratulations to Stephanie Alexander and her tremendous achievements for the community and youth of Australia.



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