Technology for social justice

Partnerships in the sector

After 10 years Green PC continues to deliver multiple social, environmental and economic benefits. Over 30 000 refurbished computers and laptops have been distributed across Australia in the past 10 years ensuring that irrespective of income, ability or location people are able to access affordable technology.

Infoxchange has been able to establish partnerships with government, both local and state and large corporate organisations including NAB, Telstra, Australia Post, Coles and Microsoft Australia to ensure a supply of high-quality computers. This assists these organisations with their asset management and of end-of-life computer equipment requirements while at the same time delivering their corporate social responsibility activities.

The work Infoxchange has been doing through its digital inclusion initiatives has meant that over 30 000 people and households are able to participate in the information age of the 21st Century due primarily being able to access affordable technology. These people might otherwise have been left behind.

Green PC has provided employment opportunities for over 400 people, the majority of whom were formerly long-term unemployed and many who suffer mental health issues An exciting new partnership with Corrections Victoria will see another community benefit developed through the Green PC enterprise. A recycling program is being established to provide pathways back to community life for people who have been in the correctional system.

*The Green PC service is no longer available


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