Technology for social justice

Wired Community @ Wattle Hill

A partnership between Whitehorse Community Health Service, The City of Whitehorse, The Department of Planning and Community Development and Deakin University, Infoxchange has started work on the establishment of the Wired Community @ Wattle Hill.

Following the path of Infoxchange Australia’s Wired @ Collingwood and Atherton Gardens eACE projects, the Wired Community @ Wattle Hill will be the latest digital inclusion project in Australia.

Wired Community @ Wattle Hill will install and connect at least 50 Wattle Hill public housing households to a wireless mesh network.

This will mean that more than 50 public housing households will be able to access a free computer in their home, free computer training and information from a community-based website.

The project will aim to provide access to information technology for those usually excluded from its benefits, that will lead to increase the skills and educational opportunities of families who do not currently have equitable access to these resources.


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