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System to support homelessness agencies

It is estimated that on any given night over one hundred thousand Australians are homeless. Through a series of initiatives coordinating the efforts of service providers and government agencies, the Federal Government is planning to halve this number by 2020.

The Australian Institute of Health and Welfare (AIHW) has recently developed a new national specialist homelessness services data collection in conjunction with state and territory governments, which is scheduled to commence on 1 July 2011.

The new homelessness data collection will paint a better picture of homelessness based on client experiences, rather than services offered. The collection will replace the previous supported accommodation assistance program.

Infoxchange has been selected to supply a web-based client and case management system to support the new homelessness data collection drawing on its experience over 20 years working in the homelessness sector. Infoxchange will work closely with the AIHW to deliver this welcome new product.

The system will be made available to approximately 1200 agencies that are the source of homelessness data. These agencies require a system that will assist in the provision of services to their homeless (or at risk) clients and report this data according to government requirements.

It will will make it easier to capture the information that organisations are required to submit while making sure that client data continues to be secure and confidential. It will also allow agencies to record client case management information.

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