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The value of quality, up-to-date information about community service providers is becoming an increasingly important requirement for people seeking services. The use of community service directories for e-referral and electronic service coordination requires that the information must be accurate and reliable. People using the service directory must be able to have trust in the information retrieved from a search.

Infoxchange has been managing community services directories for the past twenty years and these directories have been used by ereferral and service coordination for the past eight years. Service Seeker contains information on over 260 000 services and agencies across Australia making it the most extensive directory of it's kind.

The updating method has been developed to ensure that the information is accurate. This method has at its heart human intervention which requires each revised record to be approved by one of Infoxchange's eight data updaters.

Evidence of the Infoxchange quality assurance process, which produces the most accurate and trustworthy directory available online in Australia is the winning of a public tender for the provision of data services to the New South Wales ServiceLink human services directory. Infoxchange has been managing data services for ServiceLink for the past six years.

The ServiceLink Directory contains over 70,000 records and is linked to the NSW ReferalLink system, providing an ereferral service.

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