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Claudett forges ahead in Adelaide

For Claudett, of Adelaide, The Big Issue is a family network. 

“As vendors, we can become each other’s family and support, because we share similar spaces and experiences,” she says.

Claudett sells The Big Issue in Adelaide

Claudett had a troubled childhood. After having a stroke when she was a baby, she was left parallelised on the left side of her body.

Claudett left school in year eight, at the age of 14. Soon after that, she was put into foster care. At 18, she was pregnant with her first child. When the father of her two children walked out on her she was forced to moved back home. 

Claudett adores her family, valuing every outing she has with her daughter and Caityln and her two older sons.

It has been difficult for Claudett to find work because of her disability.  “I can’t move my left hand much, and I couldn’t really work. I have lived on the street,” she says.

But Claudett has always remained positive. With an undiminishing smile, she has forged her own way in life.

Claudett now lives in her own house and attends classes at college two days a week.  She also enjoys crocheting blankets and doing tapestries. “It surprises people that I can do it- my Nanna, my Granny, my Auntie Pam taught me, and we used to learn at school. I picked it up straight away,” she says. 

Claudett also enjoys going to watch her cousin and brother-in-law perform in their band.

“I love selling The Big Issue, I get to sell from 11 o’clock till 6 and some people stop for a chat, about how my life is going,” she says.

Claudett sells The Big Issue in various locations around Adelaide CBD and all though she may sell the magazine in different locations, she always has a firm base in the security and companionship provided by The Big Issue Network.

You can buy a copy from your local vendor to support disadvantaged Australians like Claudett.

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