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Stopping family violence in Victoria

Our response to the Royal Commission's recommendations

The Royal Commission into Family Violence has delivered its report to the Victorian Parliament, including 227 recommendations for dealing with all aspects of family violence.

We welcome the report, in particular its recommendations around information sharing and service coordination. The report recommends having a central information point, where services and departments such as the Victorian Police, the courts and the Department of Health and Human Services can share their records.

This information would then be available to relevant family violence services, providing an effective way to assess and manage risk in individual cases. 

Infoxchange has worked with the Queensland government on their similar “Stronger Families” initiative, developing a service coordination, case management and referral system that links family and child protection services with Queensland Police and over 500 support agencies.

We would welcome and encourage the roll-out of a similar system in Victoria.

The full report and recommendations can be accessed here.

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