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Storms show the value of cloud technology

The recent outages of major banking, streaming and food ordering services caused by storms in New South Wales demonstrate how vital it is for organisations to have good IT infrastructure and information backed up on the cloud in various locations.

Our report into IT use in the not-for-profit sector, released today with Connecting Up and TechSoup New Zealand, uncovers the increased vulnerability of community organisations to natural disasters, with over 70 percent not using cloud systems at all.

Relying on out-dated methods of information storage can mean that in events such as extreme weather, not-for-profits can be left unable to provide support for people in crisis.

At Infoxchange we are familiar with this type of scenario, having worked extensively with organisations in Christchurch that suffered huge disruption after the 2011 earthquake. We work to ensure they have good cloud systems in place, so that if another earthquake strikes, they know their data is safe and they can continue their important work.

Made possible by the hundreds of organisations surveyed across Australia and New Zealand, the report provides valuable insights into the technology use of not-for-profits in Australia and New Zealand that go beyond cloud technology.

The survey report finds that most service delivery organisations do not have access to a case management system with a single client view. This means there is no simple way to see all the assistance they have provided to a client or to track their progress.

Having an effective system that stores client data in one place will become increasingly critical over time as not-for-profits need to find ways of operating more efficiently to save themselves time and money.

The findings will help Infoxchange, Connecting Up and TechSoup NZ to determine which services we should offer to make the greatest difference so that all not-for-profits can use technology effectively to better achieve their mission and vision.

Read the Not-for-profit IT report.

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