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Social Sector Transformation Fund – grants for digital transformation

You may have heard about the NSW Government’s Social Sector Transformation Fund – a $50 million stimulus measure for small and medium-sized charities and not-for-profits working in health and social services. The fund is to help these organisations undertake projects to improve their use of technology and modernise their operations.

The fund is NOW open for grant applications, and we would like to assist you with completing a grant request by providing some guidance on potential areas of investment that may be of interest to your organisation.  

You will need to supply details of a potential digital transformation project and the budget involved during the application process. We’ve put together a list of projects you can embark on with Infoxchange and Connecting Up and the budget estimates you’ll need to supply when applying for the grant.

Client and Case Management

Infoxchange’s sector-leading client and case management solution offers single client view, diverse data collection and structuring, straightforward outcome measurement, powerful reporting, easy configurability, and low ongoing costs. Our Client and Case Management product is trusted by organisations like Sacred Heart Mission, the Australian Red Cross, and the Queensland Government.

Small NGO solution (1 to 20 users) – covering a single program type or activity in a single location, including initial assessment, requirements, solution design, implementation and first year’s licensing. Cost: $20,000

Medium NGO Solution (21 to 40 users) – all of the above: $50,000. Up to 4 programs: $200,000

Once you receive your grant approval, we will undertake the initial assessment and provide a solution design ($1,200 to $2,400) and quote before commencement.

Managed IT Services

Infoxchange’s Managed IT solution is designed specifically for the needs of charities and not-for-profits. Our IT services are secure and reliable, offering a full-service model covering hardware and device management, software, networking, telephony, and more. We provide dedicated support experts by phone, email and through our customer portal. Our IT services are trusted by organisations like Leisure Networks and the National Disability Service.

Small NGO Solution (1-20 users) – email migration to Microsoft’s Office365 and 12 months of support. Cost: $20,000.

Alternatively, if your org is already on Office365, Sharepoint project (single workload) assessment and design, including 12 months of support: $20,000.

Medium NGO Solution (21-40 users) – all of the above: $50,000.

Once you receive your grant approval, Infoxchange will undertake the initial assessment and provide a solution design ($1,200 to $2,400) and quote before commencement.

Software licencing

Eligible organisations can sign up for free membership through Connecting Up and gain access to a wide range of deep discounts on software, hardware, services, education, and more.

Microsoft software donation program – Microsoft has made a range of their most popular software products available to charities and not-for-profits for a negligible fee payable to Connecting Up. In most cases, it works out to a discount in the range between 90-95% off retail costs. For example:

  • MS Office Standard with software assurance
    You pay Connecting Up $60. RRP is $823. That’s a saving of 93%.
  • Windows Server Standard with software assurance
    You pay Connecting Up $17. RRP is $379. That’s a saving of 96%.
  • Windows 10 Upgrade (Pro or Enterprise)
    You pay Connecting Up $31. RRP is $303. That’s a saving of 90%.

Microsoft Cloud – Connecting Up is also a Microsoft Cloud Services provider. This means you can get all your validation, licencing, and fulfilment in one place. Connecting Up’s licence pricing on Office 365 and Microsoft 365 is highly competitive, and matched up with Infoxchange IT Services, your digital transformation will be a lot less stressful! View all the details of Connecting Up’s Microsoft Cloud offering here.

Donated and Discounted Technology – Connecting Up provides software from providers such as Amazon Web Services, Bitdefender, Blackbaud, DocuSign, Tableau, Zoom, and many more at heavy discounts exclusive to not-for-profits and not available elsewhere. Click here to view them all.

Education & Training – Apart from Connecting Up’s regular webinar program, Connecting Up Online Courses provides self-paced learning custom-designed for charities and not-for-profits. Connecting Up Online Courses also incorporates the Microsoft Digital Skills Centre, offering content from Microsoft product experts.

More information

For the purposes of the grant, you can get in touch with Connecting Up Customer Support and the Account Manager service (available to qualified members) for budget creation. If you’re not a Connecting Up member yet, get started here.

We would encourage any small to medium organisation in NSW to check the eligibility criteria for the grant and apply – there’s never been a better time to kick start your digital transformation project. By combining the grant with reduced cost products and services from Infoxchange and Connecting Up, you can make 2021 a year of increased impact in your communities.

For details on who is eligible for the grant and the steps on how to apply, download the fact sheet here. Any further information can be found on the NSW Government website.

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