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Infoxchange’s service directory and Ending Loneliness Together

Ending Loneliness Together Directory Launches

This year, Infoxchange teamed up with Ending Loneliness Together to launch Australia’s first directory to search for services and programs for people who experience loneliness and seek meaningful social connections.

Developed in collaboration with people who have experienced loneliness and service providers, the Ending Loneliness Directory provides a national database of organisations, groups and services offering opportunities for connection and support for people experiencing loneliness – all on
a centralised and easy-to-navigate website.

The online directory currently has over 1,500 organisations listed nationwide, where users can search based on their role, preferred type of connection and location.

Two common misconceptions about loneliness are that it only affects older people and that you must be alone to be lonely. But loneliness affects anyone and everyone, from all ages and backgrounds - Dr Michell Lim, Chair, Ending Loneliness Together

Infoxchange CEO David Spriggs said, “There is a growing community understanding of loneliness and its significant social and health impacts. We are proud to partner with Ending Loneliness Together to make accessing support services easier for Australians experiencing loneliness.” 

Kylie experienced loneliness in her thirties while struggling with postnatal depression, concurrent with her older child being diagnosed with autism. She had plenty of support but felt no one understood her situation. Kylie says this tool would have been a game changer.

“I felt so disconnected from everyone around me. But I didn’t know it was loneliness because my hands were so full. My family didn’t understand or grasp the concept of autism thirteen years ago, and it was an extremely isolating experience. If this directory existed during my struggles, I would have been able to connect with others going through similar experiences (who weren’t existing family or friends) and felt understood.”

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