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Major Upgrade of Infoxchange's Cloud Services

Infoxchange completed the Herculean effort to extend our cloud services to Amazon Web Services (AWS) this year. The migration moved our Client & Case Management System and the Infoxchange Service Directory (the database that powers Ask Izzy) from private cloud hosting of our applications to AWS and now provides significant benefits to our customers.

The migration required a large team across Infoxchange – led by Infoxchange’s Head of Technology, Alison Ramsay.

Service availability

AWS infrastructure is spread over multiple locations, with in-built redundancy. If service quality is degraded, a redundant service automatically launches without “server busy” messages or downtime. All of Infoxchange’s critical services now benefit from this upgrade.


Our new AWS environment means we can adjust server or computing resources to deliver uninterrupted platform functionality to every customer regardless of service demand. If, for example, our Service Directory experiences an exponential increase in searches due to a natural disaster, the team at Infoxchange can seamlessly upgrade services to accommodate the demand and maintain the speed of search results.


The AWS security suite is far above what most companies could build themselves. By switching to AWS, we have gained access to an array of new security solutions unavailable to us before, meaning our customer’s data are more secure than ever before.


AWS never stops developing and delivering new, cutting-edge services and features – currently at the rate of six new services or features per day – and we can now pass them along to our customers as they are released.

The migration also opens up access to a vast community of online experts and information sources, along with the support and experience of partners like Cevo. We are excited to see the creative ideas that will come from this new pool of knowledge and experience.

"All of our applications are now live on AWS – to the sound of many 'woohoos' and notes of congratulations on the Teams channel. We are already seeing significant performance improvements and receiving positive feedback from our customers."

David Spriggs, CEO.

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