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Infoxchange receives $1.5M of additional support from for Asia-Pacific Nonprofits to innovate & scale their impact through technology, the philanthropic arm of Google, will provide an additional USD$1.5 million to support Infoxchange, enabling social and environmental-focused nonprofits across the Asia-Pacific region to upscale their impact. 

The funding is the second round of investment for the Asia-Pacific Digital Transformation Program, facilitated by Australian not-for-profit social enterprise Infoxchange. 

The news of the latest funding round was announced by Maggie Johnson, Global Head and Vice President of at the Asia-Pacific Digital Transformation Summit at Google headquarters in Singapore.

“ is proud to support Infoxchange's AI and tech capacity building program for NGOs in the Asia Pacific region. By leveraging on experts and resources with tailored solutions, this initiative is crucial to help make the most of AI, digitally transform their operations, and ultimately drive greater social impact in their communities,shared Johnson. 

The first round of the Asia-Pacific program saw more than $1M invested to upskill organisations across the region through collaborative forums, consulting and webinars, helping under-resourced organisations use technology to accelerate impact. 

This second round of funding will further support organisations who benefited from individualised technology assessments and coaching during the first iteration of the program. The funding will help these organisations harness AI and other innovative digital solutions to amplify their impact. 

“We surveyed nearly 1,600 nonprofit organisations in the Asia-Pacific to better understand their digital capabilities, challenges and opportunities, and we found that technological maturity was alarmingly low,” shared Infoxchange CEO David Spriggs. 


The Asia-Pacific NGO Digital Capability report found that: 

- One in six organisations experienced a cyber security incident in the last 12 months; 

- Only 27% of organisations had moved to the cloud; 

- 61% were less than satisfied with how they use technology. 

“To solve this problem, we need to equip impact-focused organisations with the tools, resources and support to leverage technology to solve social problems within an environment that is becoming increasingly challenging,” shared Spriggs. 


About, Google’s philanthropy, brings the best of Google to help solve some of humanity’s biggest challenges combining funding, product donations and technical expertise to support underserved communities and provide opportunity for everyone. We engage nonprofits, social enterprises and civic entities who make a significant impact on the communities they serve, and whose work has the potential to produce scalable, meaningful change. 

About Infoxchange: 

Infoxchange is a leading not-for-profit social enterprise dedicated to using technology to improve the lives of people experiencing disadvantage and the organisations that support them. Through our work in digital inclusion and social innovation, we strive to utilise technology to empower people experiencing disadvantage, driving social inclusion and creating stronger more resilient communities. With over 180 staff, we tackle the biggest social challenges through the smart and creative use of technology.

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