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We’re proud to report that the Infoxchange Dry July team raised over $2,500 to support our longtime partner Ovarian Cancer Australia!

Our team of champions - Hayley, Peter, Sarah and Rahul, gladly swapped beer for mocktails during July to support Ovarian Cancer Australia’s (OCA) important work. We’re incredibly proud of their efforts which contributed to a massive $400,000 raised in total for the event and extend a big congratulations to the team and their supporters.

OCA is an independent not-for-profit that supports women diagnosed with ovarian cancer. They provide care and support for those affected by ovarian cancer and represent them by leading change. Their vision is to save lives and make sure no woman with ovarian cancer walks alone.

Women diagnosed with ovarian cancer have extremely complex support needs, with more than 1500 Australian women diagnosed every year. Tragically, the survival rate is less than 50%. - Diagnosis means that women and their families have to deal with a poor prognosis, brutal, debilitating surgery, and because of the high recurrence rate of ovarian cancer, the fear that cancer may come back.

OCA's services are being accessed more than ever through the COVID-19 pandemic. In 2020, phone calls to OCA’s helpline increased by 70%. Due to the impact of COVID-19, the practical and emotional support provided by a specialised Psychologist, Social Worker and Counsellor have been even more essential. Stress around employment, childcare and financial hardship are amplified for women who are already facing the extraordinary challenges of ovarian cancer.

OCA is using this money to improve the psychological, practical, and emotional support they offer to women. This includes adding a Psychologist, Genetic Counsellor, and Allied Health Assistant to the team.

Dry July funding will also continue to fund Partner Support Programs plus a new Exercise and Nutrition project. OCA is also introducing a new online cognitive-behavioural therapy (CBT) tool – an accepted best practice treatment for anxiety and depression.

Don’t forget that Sober October is just around the corner. We encourage everyone to get involved in this great initiative that supports those impacted by ovarian cancer.

You can learn more about Ovarian Cancer Australia and support their work by clicking here.

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