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Where has the time gone…

Twelve years ago Andrew Mahar went to talk to a group of students at Swinburne University about Infoxchange.

Part of the conversation with the students was about creating a web page where information on a range of information could be posted about youth issues.

The site was called Funktion (It no longer exists) and about 8 students participated. They came and worked at Infoxchange and developed the site. Over a twelve month period of time the students interest declined until there was only one left. It has taken a further 12 years for her, I would not say lose interest but rather to have a more interesting interest outside of Infoxchange.

Natalie Collins has decided to move on from Infoxchange. From a student volunteer HTML coder creating websites, to becoming the leader of the Infoxchange Web Team and setting the foundations of what Infoxchange does in that space today, to becoming the first General Manager of Infoxchange, the contribution to technology for social justice has been very significant.

Over the twelve years, Natalie has been instrumental in the development of S2S, which is currently used by over 6,000 health and welfare workers to improve service coordination. Natalie also lead the development of the first website addressing the issue of AIDS in China and over the past two years has driven the operational side of Infoxchange.

Thanks for all the dedication and hard work Natalie.

Andrew Mahar

Executive Director


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