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On the cloud with Office 365

Imagine having all of your software, services and storage held in a managed space and backed up on the internet, rather than installed on your computer. This is exactly what the new Microsoft Office 365 cloud service will offer, with Infoxchange making this affordable for the not-for-profit sector.

Cloud computing allows users, regardless of location, on-demand access to software and services without the need for expensive computer hardware. Information can be quickly retrieved on your computer, laptop or phone from anywhere via the internet, a definite plus when away from the office.

Through Infoxchange’s partnership with Microsoft, we can now help not-for-profits get onto the cloud with Office 365.

Not-for-profit and community organisations will be able to access these efficient services, with a saving of up to 75 percent off the normal cost.

Office 365 brings together online versions of Exchange, SharePoint, Office live meeting and Office communicator, giving staff access to email and collaboration tools from almost anywhere.

Benefits of cloud computing include:

  • no expensive hardware required to set-up
  • easy to manage monthly bills with no unexpected costs
  • access to data and services from any internet connection at any time
  • lower hardware costs. There is no need to upgrade to the latest server hardware just to run email and collaboration processes
  • cut back on the management of in-house servers
  • data back-up is fully managed. No need to remember to run regular backups and carry around external backup drives.

As part of our new cloud services, we can migrate existing email systems to the most appropriate cloud-based service, depending on organisational needs.

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