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New site to aid not-for-profit IT

Today, virtually all organisations whether for-profit or not-for profit, use IT in their business functions. This does not, however, mean that they appreciate the significance of digital proficiency.

Indeed, understanding the significance and power of digital proficiency leads to an understanding of its strategic impact and the profound changes that digital proficiency has on the very nature of organisations and how they function.

Adopting the need for digital proficiency means accepting the need to strategically align an organisations business plans with its IT plans.

The accumulation and sharing of knowledge for creativity, innovation and production, and the use of networking as the central principle of cooperation are not only a consequence of digital proficiency, but are essential for further societal growth.

Digital proficiency is the capacity of an organisation to engage with digital technology and communications. A digitally proficient organisation has the appropriate hardware, software, knowledge and skills to use technology to extend organisational vision, goals and achievement. A digitally proficient organisation uses technology to improve the operation of its systems, reduce bureaucracy, enhance knowledge management, increase its networks and better support its clients and its community.

However, many organisations attest to being largely unaware of the benefits of improving their digital proficiency, lack the resources or skills to do it, or fear making the wrong decisions in the process.

This is why Infoxchange has developed the new IT Services website to provide clear and easy to navigate information about IT consultancy, managed IT support, cloud applications and IT infrastructure. It offers practical and strategic information and has an extensive library of IT resources and references to encourage community service organisations to develop their understanding of digital proficiency and help implement an IT action plan.

The IT consultancy framework includes MeasureIT audits, assessments and action plans with recommendations and activities to assist community organisations to become digital proficiency.

Managed IT support services provide flexible and extensive services such as onsite or remote access support, hardware and software support, computer networking, help desk and IT conference support.

Every development in digital proficiency changes the way organisations function, and no development has been more profound than the present transformation of IT.

We know that IT improves the capacity, effectiveness and financial efficiency of organisations. The Infoxchange digital proficiency project has seen community sector organisations join the IT revolution. It has seen community sector organisations getting smarter.

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