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Enabling not-for-profits with cloud technology

The benefits of cloud computing are clear and many not-for-profit organisations have already made the switch and are benefiting from lower costs, higher reliability and the flexibility to add or remove users without capital investment.

Microsoft Office 365 is one such cloud service that has helped not-for-profits, including Infoxchange. Microsoft has recently announced that Office 365 E1 licenses are now available free of charge to eligible not-for-profits in Australia. 

Microsoft cloud applications are a good choice for not-for-profits as many organisations often are already running Microsoft software such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook. This means migration to the cloud is simpler and staff benefit from having a working knowledge of the systems.

Users can access email, calendars, document sharing, intranets,  instant messaging and web conferencing from any device at any location with internet (and some of the applications are also available offline). Office 365 combines well-known Microsoft communications tools Exchange, SharePoint and Lync into a cloud-based suite that allows greater flexibility and connectivity for teams. 

Migrating a system to the cloud can be daunting if tackled alone so Infoxchange has partnered with Microsoft and Connecting Up to support organisations that are interested in subscribing to Office 365.

An Infoxchange readiness assessment can help organisations understand how their systems are placed for migration and what they need to do to get the most out of Office 365.

When purchasing a readiness assessment through the Connecting Up website an experienced Infoxchange technician will assess an organisation's infrastructure and will proovide a detailed report outlining:

  • the organisation’s readiness to migrate to Office 365
  • key steps to help migration run smoothly
  • a detailed quote for support from Infoxchange during the migration process
  • other materials to help the organisation make the most of Office 365.

The assessments are priced for a not-for-profit budget starting at $100 for organisations with less than 50 computers.​

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