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Volunteer firefighters

Support for people affected by bushfires

The information on this page is for people affected by the current bushfires across Australia.

You can still use our directories such as Ask Izzy, Service SeekerSACommunity (SA), LifelineHSNet (NSW) and oneplace (QLD) to find other services, but please be aware that some services may be affected by the fires.

Emergency bushfire relief

You can use Ask Izzy to find a nearby bushfire emergency relief centre. Please note that these centres may open and close on short notice.

Go to Ask Izzy

Fire and emergency information in your state

Disaster recovery support

Recovery support is available for people directly affected by bushfires. See the Department of Human Services for available support in your state.

If you want to help

Updating service information

Our database over 370,000 services listed, and we’d love your help at making sure they’re up to date. If you have information about a service in our directory that is closed or has altered information, please let us know by completing this form.

Donating money

For those with money to give, the Australian Red Cross and state-based fire authorities will gratefully accept your donations.

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