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Bayside health practitioners Improve IT

Infoxchange believes advances in technology are set to streamline services in the health sector in the coming years.

Initiatives such as the personally controlled eHealth record, telehealth, secure messaging, client management applications and cloud computing will help practitioners improve efficiency and patient outcomes. However, digital skills can be challenging to develop with the pressures of providing high-quality care and running a business. Some health providers don’t have the technical capability or understanding to take advantage of these tools.

We provide IT services across the health and community sector, helping all kinds of organisations serve their clients and fulfil their mission through better use of IT. 

We have partnered with Bayside Medicare Local to run the Bayside Improve IT project. This will help healthcare providers in the Bayside area make the most of their ICT. Over a twelve-month period, the project is providing independent assessments and recommendations to 100 health providers, including medical practices, psychology practices and community pharmacies, throughout the Bayside Medicare Local’s catchment area.  

Infoxchange staff visit the practices personally and make an initial assessment of the IT capabilities before providing a report and recommendations to help practices improve their IT hardware and software, online presence, IT planning, risk management and disaster recovery.

The recommendation help practices build a robust IT infrastructure which can provide a more efficient and effective service to their patients and eventually be ready for eHealth.

Infoxchange’s independent position means providers are given unbiased recommendations that include price comparisons and benefit analysis. They can then choose to implement these recommendations based on what they feel is best for their practice.

“When my IT support people tell me I need a new widget, I'm always aware they have a vested interest. The ImproveIT assessment was refreshing because I knew they weren't trying to sell me something," says Inez Barret, General Practice Manager. 

"The [Infoxchange] consultants understand the day-to-day pressures we are working under, and they understand how ICT is changing the landscape for healthcare — and where we need to be positioned to be part of that.”

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