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People who are homeless own smartphones?

We've heard some of you ask - do people experiencing homelessness have smartphones? It's a good question and some of the stats might surprise you. More than 95 percent of people who are homeless have a mobile phone and see it as a critical lifeline, according to The University of Sydney research.

Many don't have credit on their mobile phones, but they can still use it to call emergency numbers, receive calls and use free wifi to access online services such as Ask Izzy.

Think about how much you rely on your phone to stay in touch with family and friends. Imagine how important that connection becomes if you’re moving from place to place or sleeping on a friend's couch.
It’s estimated that 77 percent of people who are homeless have a smartphone and Ask Izzy would help them to navigate the service system. It would also help homelessness agencies better serve their clients.

What it's like to have nowhere to go

People experience homelessness in different ways. Jonathan from Perth wanted to share his story.
“Two years ago I ran into some difficulty and ended up homeless with my teenage son, living in the car. I realised there were problems connecting the homeless to relevant services," Jonathan says.
"Living on the street is the worst personal experience that I have ever been through in my life. It is uncomfortable. It is depressing. It is humiliating. Just that little extra assistance on your phone to know where to go would have been so welcome.”

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